For increasing executing efficiency and offering more convinced services to public, the ROC government Executive Yuan, aggressive promoting electronic and on-line services policy, cooperating with Chung Hwa Telecom information technology group to build a national wide network platform based on internet technology, for providing various fundamental Internet services ,for examples , electronic Directory which achieves constant network platform for every level government administrations to build various on-line services and executive information system. This network peering with other ISP in Taiwan, offers various on-line service for public and business, for examples, tax-collect system EVDIS (Electronic Motor Vehicle & Driver Information System) Registration management and supervision on companies and commerce Government on-line merchandise system.

Every level government administrations will use this network platform to exchange government documents e-meeting inform. Personal information and government servants can response public requirement by e-mail. Beside, by various network gateways, retrieve household registration land territory national health insurance etc. , to archive the goal of electronic and networking government informational and intelligent country and increasing executing efficiency and nation`s competitiveness, and archive the idea of government re-engineering , simplify administration and offer convenient services to public.

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